V122 Sports Champions (Willard's Chocolates), 1924

#   Athlete/Content                           Caption                                             Sport
--  ---------------                           -------                                             -----
1   Vince of Varsity                          "Champion Runner"                                   track & field
2   Eddie Collins                             "Second Baseman Chicago White Sox"                  baseball
3   William M. Johnston                       "Tennis Champion"                                   tennis
4   Arthur G. Havers                          "Open Golf Champion of Great Britain"               golf
5   Babe Ruth                                 "Home Run Champion"                                 baseball
6   "Cap. Fear"                               "Captain Argos Sr. Rugby Team 1923"                 rugby
7   Anders Haugen/Hans Hansen                 "Members American Olympic Ski Team"                 skiing
8   Garrett Gilmore                           "World's Single Sculling Champion"                  rowing
9   Helen Wainwright                          "Swimming Champion"                                 swimming
10  Gertrude Ederle                           "World's Greatest Woman Swimmer"                    swimming
11  Helen Wills                               "Women's National Tennis Champion"                  tennis
12  Tommy Walker                              "Canadian Champion Back-Stroke"                     swimming
13  Johnny Weismuller                         "The Human Fish"                                    swimming
14  Duke Kahamenoku                           "Champion Long Distance Swimmer"                    swimming
15  "Rainbow" - H.B. Greening, Hamilton Ont.  "Fisher Trophy Winner"                              swimming
16  Jim Regan/Jack Kelly                      "Champion Sculling Team"                            rowing
17  Webb Jay's "Adieu"                        "One of America's Fastest Speed Boats'              speed boating
18  Tracey Lewis                              "Trap Shooting Champion"                            shooting
19  Glenna Collett                            "Golf Champion"                                     golf
20  Gene Sarazen                              "Professional Golf Champion"                        golf
21  Willie Hoppe                              "Baulkline Billiard Champion"                       billiards
22  Norman Ross                               "Interallied Swimming Champion"                     swimming
23  Charles Jewtraw                           "American Speed Skating Champion"                   speed skating
24  Gladys Robinson                           "Women's International Speed Skating Champion"      speed skating
25  E. E. Myers                               "Champion Pole Vaulter"                             track & field
26  Captain Walters                           "Of the 'Bluenose' International Fishermans Trophy" fishing
27  William T. Tilden                         "World's Tennis Champion"                           tennis
28  Jimmy Murphy                              "Champion Motor Driver"                             auto racing
29  Syracuse University                       "Rowing Eight"                                      rowing
30  Loren Murchison                           "Short Distance Sprint Champion"                    track & field
31  Charlie Querrie                           "Star Lacrosse Player"                              lacrosse
32  Papyrus                                   "English Derby Winner 1923"                         racehorse
33  Jimmy Blouin                              "World's Champion Bowler"                           bowling
34  My Own                                    "Famous American 3 Year Old 1923"                   racehorse
35  Strangler Lewis                           "World's Champion Wrestler"                         wrestling
36  James Graham                              "Heavy Stone Putting Champion"                      track & field
37  Gordon Thom                               "Star Lacrosse Player"                              lacrosse
38  Ponton [Alexander]                        "Crack Ontario Sprinter"                            track & field
39  Ty Cobb                                   "Famous Outfielder Manager Detroit Tigers"          baseball
40  Belyea                                    "Canadian Single Sculling Champion"                 rowing
41  Orlando Piani                             "Champion Bicycle Rider"                            cycling
42  Edmonton 'Grads'                          "World's Basketball Champions"                      basketball
43  Harry Watson                              "Member of Canadian Olympic Hockey Team"            hockey
44  Muriel Maxted                             "Champion Girl Cricketer of England"                cricket
45  Ernie Collett                             "Member of Canadian Olympic Hockey Team"            hockey
46  Collins                                   "English Cricketer"                                 cricket
47  Hooley Smith                              "Member of Canadian Olympic Hockey Team"            hockey
48  Art Staff                                 "Champion Ice Skater"                               ice skating
49  Buck Johnson                              "Star Lacrosse Player"                              lacrosse
50  Washington University                     "Rowing Eight"                                      rowing
51  Pancho Villa                              "Flyweight Champion"                                boxing
52  Dunc. Munro                               "Captain of Canadian Hockey Team"                   hockey
53  Batstone                                  "Captain of Queens Rugby Team Dominion Champions"   rugby
54  "Bobby" Lavery                            "Star of Soccer Centre Forwards"                    soccer
55  William Sim                               "Star Soccer Centre Half"                           soccer
56  Mlle. Suzanne Lenglen                     "World's Tennis Champion"                           tennis