This website is devoted to track and field/road racing/athletics/running cards. I've listed all such cards for more than 500 different card sets and have included scans of representative cards when I had them available.

I've noted those sets for which I know that a list is incomplete or where I'm unsure of the completeness, and for most of the card sets that are not exclusively track and field or running-related, I've also included links to full set checklists.


Non-cards (coasters, comic book covers, matchboxes) - these are items with track and field themes that are not cards or stickers.

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9/7/17 Sports Illustrated for Kids (SI Kids), 1989-2016 - Updated through September, 2017 issue

7/27/17 Allen & Ginter (Topps), 2017 - Added

Please help me identify the series/albums to which the cards below belong. Please e-mail me with any information.

Unidentified - Al Oerter

Unidentified - Roger Moens